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About Us

Business is all about relationships. Relationships with your customers, relationships with your suppliers, even relationships with your partners and employees. And the key to every relationship is making someone feel special, making them feel like they aren’t just another cog in the machine, that their presence isn’t optional.  Of course, these days, businesses are often staying afloat by the thinnest of margins. You’d love to give every employee a raise, pay a little more to the suppliers you can depend on, and give freebies to your best customers but the budget just won’t bend that far.

That’s where we come in. I used to run a company with my (now ex) husband and I wanted to send gifts to all of our clients as a thank you for choosing us over the competition. I searched and searched and there just weren’t any affordable options of the right quality for the right price, so we decided to do it in house.  That was a long, painful process, and the resulting gifts didn’t quite have the polished, professional look I was chasing but they conveyed the sentiment just fine.

After an eventful couple years (child, divorce, exit from the company) I was casting around for a new venture to start and I remembered my gift giving problem and decided to solve it.  That’s where La’Quar came from. Now we offer a growing number of gifts, each one packaged and presented with class and professionalism. Each one is personalized, and none of them will break the bank.  

Relationships are at the heart of any business. We’ll help you cultivate yours.