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Here we go...

Posted by Kelly Ludwig on

Ok, so I’ve started to blog… how original, probably the 50 millionth one on the planet.

I’ll confess, I don’t read any blogs regularly and yet I feel like I’m over them already.

So why oh why, am I adding more crap to the crap load of blogs already full of crap?

First I’m not trying to sell anything. I just need to vent about my experiences of starting La’Quar – good and bad - the shit that’s going on in my head and stuff I’m learning – usually the hard way. And I’ve got this crazy idea that it will be therapeutic for me. Which is probably because I work alone 98% of the time and have nobody to talk to – so my poor husband is unleashed upon when he gets home from work, which is quickly cut short by my 4 year old who has much more important things to talk about – and by then I should have been getting dinner ready anyways!

Seriously though…

Nobody ever seems to talk about the realities of starting a business until they are super successful…and only then are all their crappy experiences are revered and admired because they made it big.

I know you’re supposed to fake it till you make it – but that’s just NOT ME. And I wish there were more people out there who would be honest…so I feel like the shit I’m experiencing is what others are going through as well…or maybe IT IS just me.

This isn’t going to be professional, some might argue it could be to the detriment of my business that I talk about this stuff …but I’ve got a good heart, I believe in what I do, I never try and screw anyone over and I really do believe in win-win when it comes to business…so if I’m judged for being honest about my bad experiences…then so be it.

How often will I do this?

Don’t know… there are no plans to make systematic updates… just whenever it feels right …to write.