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Our Story

Where it all started...

Many moons ago, I ran an Audio Visual installation company with my (now ex) husband (no fault of his, just think twice before running a company with your spouse, people).  Anyway, I always liked to send gifts to our clients to thank them for choosing us.  While there were lots of on-line gifts available, nothing had the personalisation factor that I was looking for, within our price-range. kelly-ludwig-web-sml.jpg

As a solution, we started creating them in-house.  They took so long to make and my original $30 budget was completely blown out with labour.  The production process was painful and far from our core business, but I persevered because the response was worth it – it really helped differentiate us as a company, and I believe gratitude goes a long way.  I always hoped for a convenient online solution that looked more professional and polished than my home-made attempts.

Fast forward a couple of years, after a divorce, swift exit from the business, some unexpected turn-of-events, a child and being broke in my early thirties, I felt lost.  I wanted to find something that re-kindled my fire again.  I really wanted to create something that made people feel happy (in addition to myself) and ideally, took advantage of my love of graphic design.  Many crappy ideas later I stumbled onto one that just ‘felt’ right, and so La’Quar was born. 

The Name

I often get questioned about the name and from where it came.  La’Quar [pronounced ‘Lu-Kwar’, my version of phonetics] was inspired by a trip to Paris …. I know, cliché (...you like what I did there...HA!).  Like most, I found Paris spectacularly old and beautiful and was captivated by its old-world charm.  It formed part of the fabric that is La’Quar - the classic beauty and antiquity of sending a thought through the post – a dying art.  The name itself comes from the famous French couture designer Christian ‘LaCroix’.  Of course it’s not spelt the same way but it’s designed to sound the same.  So although not authentically French, it still conjures up thoughts of everything exquisitely French when spoken.      

What it's all about...

From the beginning La’Quar was specifically designed to provide people with a creative way to communicate their thoughts and sentiments with a splash.  Nowadays, most people share their well wishes electronically.  But when you put this much effort into communicating a sentiment or highlighting a special moment, you really reinforce that you listen and care - more than any email could ever show.  Lavish gifts or flowers are always an option but sometimes they aren’t necessary, appropriate or within the budget.  La'Quar is perfect for when you need to give more than a card and it's guaranteed to knock their socks off.

What I love most about the concept is that it’s win-win.  Your gesture is going to make someone feel incredibly valued and appreciated.  While it may not be your intention to receive, you will be paid back with praise, gratitude, love, loyalty, and no doubt a Facebook and Instagram post about how amazing you and/or your company are.  Not to mention, it just feels damn good to give and to deliver a little unexpected happiness to someone. 

I believe so much in La’Quar, that I guarantee, if you aren’t happy with the results, I will give you your money back.  Seriously.